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Brent Abrams, Principal & Co-Founder

What do you get when you cross a former Price Waterhouse CPA, a Davis Wright Tremaine Attorney, and an executive of multiple corporations (such as Bocchi Laboratories [Paul Mitchell and Bath & Bodyworks], GAF Materials Corporation, and Kiel Mortgage)? Brent Abrams. An enthusiastic business strategist that works tirelessly to build, negotiate, and analyze comprehensive media buys; driving business and profitability to the brands Ad Hatchery represents.

Brent competes at C-level. As a former CEO, President, and CFO, he understands the big picture and executes strategic business plans seamlessly. A high achiever, Brent passed his CPA exam in one sitting while working for Price Waterhouse and then went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University Law School where he earned the Vanderbilt Scholastic Excellence Award in 2002 and 2003 which is given to the student with the top scholastic rank in class.

His business-focused, multidisciplinary approach to marketing comes from a corporate-perspective and enterprising spirit. Brent has negotiated endorsement contracts with big name athletes such as the Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch, and the Seattle Mariners' Kyle Seager. With an analytical mind (and as a self-proclaimed bean-counter), he loves solving complex issues and although he has managed media buys in excess of forty million dollars, what is most important to Brent is always ROI and managing the cost effectiveness of media campaigns.

Outside of work Brent is still focused on elevating a company’s brand and profitability. That is why he is always looking off with a pensive stare. When he can turn his mind off, you can find him at a Seahawks game, taking family trips, or making funny faces at his Grandkids.



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Jay Ward, Creative Director & Co-Founder

Accomplished Creative Director, Jay Ward is a writer, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, voice-over actor, and brand ambassador. Having written, voiced, and produced thousands of TV and Radio ads (LEGO, Seattle Mariners, Homestreet Bank, and many more), Jay's voice has been described as 'pouring honey over a rocky quarry.' Bringing passion and personality to his scripts (including many animated characters for NINTENDO), Jay has a knack for illuminating the character while emphasizing the story.

Before co-founding Ad Hatchery, Jay worked for the top two media broadcast companies in the Northwest; most recently as Creative Director for Sinclair Broadcast Group, Seattle.

His three decades in the advertising arena has gained him the skillful ability to create aesthetically pleasing and highly effective tv, radio and digital campaigns that deliver results.

Plus, it’s fair to say that Jay is a bit of a modern-day Renaissance man. He is bright, creative, and
extremely versatile with the unique ability to be an imaginative storyteller, an app builder, a website
designer, and a creative content writer, not to mention he can sing the blues and play the harmonica like there’s no tomorrow!

Outside of work Jay enjoys spending time at his family cabin with his wife and three daughters, playing music, and trying to perfect his late-father's buttermilk pancakes.



Tamara Sevigny, Director of Client Relations

Much like Sofia Coppola directing Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation, Tamara Sevigny is the glue, the visionary, the guide, and the force behind many of Ad Hatchery's epic achievements. Navigating the inevitable twists and turns, Tamara brings clarity to all players involved, assembles the parts, and with grace and tenacity, brings the grand plan to fruition. And, a bit like a romantic comedy, she turns untimely snafus into serendipitous unity; revealing the heart-warming purpose of the main characters and illuminating their connection to a broader and wonderful narrative. 

A love for communication and story combined with her Bachelor's Degree in English, Tamara has crafted 100's of scripts for on-air, online, and print publication. It's her attention to detail and devotion to our clients and the proficiency of our services, that drive her behind-the-scenes artistry; ensuring client satisfaction, content approval, production, and timely delivery. 

As Director of Client Relations, Tamara is responsive, attentive, and extremely accomplished. Our clients know precisely where their projects are in the pipeline, they have as much (or as little) detail as they prefer, and all aspects of campaigns are covered and accounted for as part of Ad Hatchery's commitment to business development and return on investment.

When not creating marketing content, overseeing programming, or dotting i's and crossing t's, you'll likely find Tamara hiking, swinging little loved-ones through the air, at a planking party, or crafting and preserving her delicious freezer jam. Ask for a jar.

Newton's Pendulum


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Carlos Roland, Behavioral Economist

With decades of marketing experience, Carlos has been the driving force behind many successful campaigns and companies. With an ever-researching philosophy at his core, you'll find Carlos not only studying markets, audience reach, and customer response, you can often find him in the stores and engaging in the services he represents. The user experience is at the heart of his mission; knowing that the enrichment provided to customers leads to the betterment and profit for the brands they enjoy.


"Effective marketing is about your customer; what they desire, how they “feel” about themselves, and what inspires them. I’ve heard it said that advertising is art & science. That isn’t exactly true; It’s science and science. Effective advertising evokes an emotional response which leads to action. This is where the magic of success lives and breathes. Understanding the psychology of the customer and the customer-journey is the concept behind Purpose-Driven Marketing. This is what we do to achieve the BEST results for customers, and subsequently for our clients." - Carlos



Chris Davies, Vice President of Business Development

A graduate of the University of Washington, Chris has been an extremely successful Sales Executive and Manager for the last several decades. Always at the top of his game, Chris has extensive product knowledge, coupled with creative ideas for product application and a solid history of sales success.

His background includes working for Euro-American technologies and multiple commercial and
residential lending companies. Chris’ positivity, high energy and ability to see outside-the-box, are
traits that have led him to a high level of professional proficiency.

As the host of a popular Seattle Radio Show, you can tune-in to Northwest News, KOMO 1000/97.7,  Sunday mornings to hear Chris guide professionals and consumers on Street Talk.

In addition to advising listeners, Chris is a true work hound and is always available to discuss media campaigns and meet with individuals who want to strategize new ways to increase profitability.


Born in England, Chris has traveled extensively; immersing himself in various cultures. Able to speak several languages, and with British flair, Chris can be described as sharp witted, skillful, an easy conversationalist, and a strong leader.


In his off hours he likes coaching youth soccer, cruising Lake Washington, and dining out with friends and family.


A - Z

Ad Hatchery On Set

Ad Hatchery is a Full Service Creative and Marketing Agency.

We bring the remarkable products and services of our clients to audiences everywhere; through engaging consumer experience and strategic storytelling. For us this starts with a focus on business; analyzing customer acquisition cost and affirming and refining to maximize ROI.

From concept to delivery, we excel at unique and memorable campaign creation; producing beautiful and compelling content and messaging, while ensuring consistent branding across all platforms.


With media buys, currently totaling over 40 million, Ad Hatchery drives consumers to the brands and products we represent. Through contract negotiations, we also help clients team up with professional athletes, celebrities, and influencers. We help our clients develop and maintain relationships through traditional and digital marketing, social and long form media, app development, CRM, and more.


If you're looking to capture the attention of large scale audiences, speak to the heart of individuals, and highlight the benefits of your products and services, call Ad Hatchery.

Ad Hatchery


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